Paging all Bloglines Subscribers

Again, I've had reports of problems with my feed in Bloglines. First off, I would appreciate it if you would care to include the actual feed URL you're having trouble with, because some clever souls tried to muck about with the URLs to get more content and made debugging this sort of thing a sorry mess.

At this point, there are entirely too many feeds being requested by the Bloglines aggregator. Only a couple of those are the official RSS and Atom ones. The rest will likely not work properly at all. The "days=30" and mis-escaped ampersand are typical examples, but here are the ones I know of right now:

# cat | grep Bloglines | cut -d\  -f 7,12- | sort -u
/cgi-bin/cvs/timeline.rss "Bloglines/2.0 (; 5 subscribers)"
/photos/rss.php "Bloglines/2.0 (; 8 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?days=30&format=rss "Bloglines/2.0 (; 21 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?format=atom "Bloglines/2.0 (; 15 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?format=rss&images=no "Bloglines/2.0 (; 6 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?format=rss "Bloglines/2.0 (; 189 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?format=rss&images=no "Bloglines/2.0 (; 33 subscribers)"
/space/RecentChanges?format=rss&images=yes "Bloglines/2.0 (; 8 subscribers)"

So please subscribe to the official ones only.

As to layout issues, again, that is entirely Bloglines' fault. If you care to do a "view frame source" on the right-hand pane, you will notice that the JavaScript code looks like this:

itemList[3] = itemText;
itemText+="<h3><a title=\"Site: The Tao of Mac\" ...

Bloglines assembles the whole page on the client side as a gigantic JavaScript array instead of pre-processing the feeds and re-rendering them server-side. It is their coding approach, and despite not being one I agree with, it's theirs to support.

My RSS feed validates. And so does my Atom one.

And they display just fine in all the RSS aggregators I test (and despite using newspipe, I still test others now and then), so please consider reporting any issues you may have with my feed to Bloglines - I have already done all that I can.

Despite the ominous tone of the text above, I welcome bug reports. I spent a considerable amount of time optimizing my feeds (as well as the rest of my site) to lower my bandwidth consumption, and anything that goes out of whack is a concern.