Deflating Hype

Oddities galore as we approach the weekend, with more iPhone stuff surfacing (maybe the photos are a hoax, maybe not, but it still looks too much like a E398 to me) and the sad news of no live keynote coverage (which is just sad, but I'll enjoy watching it afterwards anyway).

More relevant news in the mobile space:

  • Customers suing over "disabled" Bluetooth. Predictable. Too predictable, in my opinion.
  • Banishing the pundit hype around HSDPA variations. It's amazing how perfectly ordinary standards work gets hyped beyond any reasonable measure of reality, creating false expectations on people.
  • OMA DRM fees hit the fan. It's not quite like this, though, and there is handset subsidizing to consider...

And another, just for kicks: Duke Nukem Forever still gets mentioned at the top of Wired's Annual Vaporware Awards for 2004, even though it got a Lifetime Achievement Award last year just to get it off the list.