Minimal Service

Brought some work home. Reset my router, which had some existential issues around lunchtime. My bet is that the incumbent's DSLAM crashed, but then I didn't bother to check the RADIUS fields.

Karlus and I should swap notes on outages. It might just be their cleaning lady.

Found little of interest in the news, other than:

  • Gruber's take on 's lawsuit against Think Secret (plus assorted rumors about next week, which I'm finding sooooo boring).
  • The pundits who run around heralding Bluetooth's death will have a tough time dealing with the current crop of stereo headphones/headsets. Here's a remote kit for using with the , a Jabra press release and Toshiba's rebranded gear.
  • I cannot believe anyone can be this stupid. Judging by the BBC's excerpts from the lawsuit, the guy actually bought music at the store before (allegedly) being forced to buy an to listen to it. Imagine buying DVDs without owning a player. Wierd that he didn't figure out that the computer had an audio output too.