Random Gift-Giving

Here's my Xmas gift hint for your fellow geeks: Themed cookbooks, suited to each one's preferences (soups, pastas, veggie, spicy, etc.). There isn't a single engineer who expects getting a cookbook for Xmas, especially not on my floor (which has a 10-to-1 boys-to-girls ratio), so thinking "out of the box" paid off, if only to see the girls' laughter.

In return, they gave me a Rubik's Cube (the ultimate geek gift) and an angel/devil bottle opener (kind of a subtle hint, I guess).

Much fun was had today. Little of interest in the news, though:

The weekend promises to be moderately calm, as I lounge around the house and enjoy having already made 99% of my Xmas shopping. Sadly, the iMac G5 I ordered won't make it for Xmas, but I was kind of expecting that already - it's kind of a local tradition for the local Apple distributor to come up short for the holiday season.

And no, the fact that Apple hardware is selling out everywhere doesn't excuse them. Nuno got his, though, which means he'll be blogging ecstatically about it any second now.

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