Restful Day

  • Finished The Rediscovery of Man, picked up Broken Music. Both surprisingly good reads so far, even if Cordwainer Smith tends to be a bit eerie at times.
  • Went out early to get a couple of odds and ends (newspaper, the Economist, a couple of non-critical presents), returned with the complete LOTR extended edition set (yes, I held out until now).
  • Spent the afternoon watching LOTR on a corner of my 20" display while sorting out e-mail and converting the first section of the . I really ought to have coded in and syntax highlighting by now - the current Wiki markup isn't good enough for this (at least not up to my standards), but it does the job.
  • Cleaned up my micro-SIP server a bit, got it running again. It will surface soon, I hope.
  • Tried to port to , to help Apache find my s when DHCP deals them another IP address. The socket documentation is pretty bad, so I'm not even sure multicast is working properly at this point. Anyone who knows how to use socket_set_option with IP_MULTICAST_IF and IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP is welcome to drop me a line - I can't get the darned thing to accept a long parameter without a warning message.