Dead Tree Mode

My Amazon order arrived today, so I'll be spending quite some time turning actual paper pages instead of hopping in and out of HTML ones. Nevertheless, there are some interesting things in the news (and I finally got around to creating that Wiki node):

  • It's started. No matter how irrelevant, the fact that this gets news coverage (even if it's being linked to from Slashdot) should be worrisome to anyone who's involved in telecomms right now (especially with the new under-the-radar UE "calls for information" to ISPs as to the "feasibility of storing all subscriber data for a period of no less than six months"). Wanna start mirroring the Internet?
  • is apparently quitting the PC business, which makes a lot of sense if you look at their annual reports once in a while (especially this bit). They're on their way to becoming a services company, and I bet that their hardware business will be showing bigger losses (or lack of profits) in 2004.
  • There's a new security update out. I'm going to wait until the dust settles a bit.
  • Xen is getting more attention. I'll pass until it's packaged for , but there's so little point in virtualizing inside that I wonder what all the fuss is about - hardware prices are so low these days that even high-density hosting providers have lost interest. Still, it may be a nice way to host this site and a couple more things on the same hardware...
  • A few notes on version 4.0. I think I'm still under NDA, so I'll post mine later this month. There are quite a few things on that list that were available on 3.8, though (like themes - people just didn't know you could do it).