Five Things I Don't Really Understand

  • Weblog tools - what's wrong with using a decent editor and a browser? Is it the inline images? Is it the markup? Is it simply that the Net is still too slow and unwieldly to paste stuff into a browser? Or is it the satisfaction of a "Do It" button?
  • Locking down phones. I will never get it, no matter how many DRM-oriented business cases cross my inbox. In an age where a 14-year-old knows how to rip a CD and pick out her favorite four tracks to fit on a 32MB SD card, arguments for hampering that process (and annoying consumers) seem completely out of touch with reality.
  • The incredible mess that made of Windows File Sharing in DFS - coupling file sharing to Active Directory is tantamount to locking in customers to Windows at the most basic level - accessing vanilla file shares through a stupid redirection mechanism that relies on binding your machine to Active Directory. And it's not that easy to manage.
  • Vendors' insistence to sell you things they know not to be working properly, as if we weren't able to find out under fifteen minutes. There have been more Holy Grails in the telco industry than in all the Western religious sects combined.
  • Why IT is still such a mess. The Economist (which, incidentally, has yet another brilliant cover that neatly captures the way Europe views the U.S. elections) has a great survey on the state of IT, and hits the nail on the head - things have to be simpler, and after all this time, IT hasn't really progressed past the Iron Age.