Zeitgeist And Weather Headers

Inspired by the Flickr Zeitgeist, I coded a simple image mosaic to add to the page header rotation:

It contains a random sampling of all my photos and won’t appear very often at first, but I’m going to jiggle the priorities to increase the likelihood of it being displayed.

And maybe I’ll code a pure Flash version as time permits - this one was just a quick hack to get a feel for the mosaic logic (linear mosaics are easy, but random 2x2 mosaics are a bit trickier if you want them to stand out) and processing time (it’s not too CPU-intensive to do, plus it’s cached and will only change on a daily basis).

Update: as a quick encore, I also added a weather image header, and set both to appear around 25% of the time (25% weather, 25% zeitgeist, 50% random photos). This way I don’t have to worry about people continuously snarfing the weather image to use on their own sites (and yes, I removed the old weather image URL - learn to use your own CPU cycles).