Cursory News

Lots of stuff happening at the office (hey, it's Monday, for any practical purpose...)

  • Nokia unveiled the 7710 (no big news there, and it looks a bit out of place given this year's non-emphasis on PDAs and its negligible media storage), the 3230 and the 6020. By my reckoning, they can still launch around 9600 new models using the same numbering scheme, but the numbers are quickly becoming meaningless.
  • Mental note: I really should rant on a bit about the "Mobile TV" concept. I'll have to check that against my , but I can't really envisage a working business model (no, not even if you're Qualcomm). Of course, XM Radio is a surprising success (and one I wouldn't mind having access to here in Europe).
  • Still, they managed to push out a PoC client for the Series 60 range, which is to be made available by carriers. I wonder how much of the OMA spec it's really compliant with, or if we'll see a new version in three months. But then, PoC itself is a moving target, especially where it comes to business models.
  • A six-week test of . I'm amazed they got past the first three days, but with Core 3 around the corner, I expect / comparisons to be an essential part of your typical review during the next few weeks.
  • Gruber fondles your poofs. For chrissakes, aren't there more pressing UI issues? Tog had a go at this one years ago...
  • Something I, too, noticed after upgrading to 4.7 (which, fortunately, didn't break my DAAP server this time around). DACP does look like Digital Audio Control Protocol, but I bet has something else up their sleeve...
  • Someone at Redmond is probably scoffing at this. Let's get real here: is still installed in 92.9% of all PCs. You call three percent a loss? Call me back when it's down to 70% or so - that is a relevant change.
  • A very neat sound device with 5.1 output. I bet I've sent around 20 customers their way already (I've got ready access to a pack of ravenous audiophiles).
  • If you're miffed at "removing" functionality they never committed to supporting (I like Cory as much as any other of his gazillion fans, but he was way off the mark this time) and lack common sense and basic Terminal skills, Engadget has your backup fix. Either way, you're lame.

And our moment of Zen is the following quote: "There's your story - right there. I just took a picture of the screen and plan to share it with 6.4 billion of my closest friends on the Internet tonight. I suggest you do the same."