Kubrick Phase Two

Okay. After being subjected to the usual barbaric techniques of teeth-cleaning (it's the twenty-first century, and we still sandblast our teeth to clean them - I'm so glad I have excellent teeth), I think I licked the most glaring IE layout bugs (wrong offsets for backgrounds inside nested divs, bad Flash plugin offsets, amazingly dumb interpretations of the box model, etc.) by forcing it into "quirks mode". LiveSearch works for me in IE6 and Firefox under Windows, and I don't think I've broken Safari.

Opera should work, but I won't test it (I have a strict policy of not installing stuff I won't use more than once) - so now it's your chance to complain.

Mobile devices (as Chris pointed out in e-mail) should be tested too, but I don't expect any real issues to crop up - and there will be handheld and print CSS this time, as soon as I get the big browsers sorted out.

(In case you're wondering, I'm doing the sane thing and coding my CSS for Firefox first, Safari second and IE third. And, like everyone, I end up doing 90% of my tweaks due to IE's poor standards conformance.)

I've also tweaked the frames in the photos section and am trying to figure out why some of the href CSS stuff isn't working on IE anymore and tweak monospaced fonts, but those are less critical issues.

Spike Me

After Michael's post yesterday, both my "plain" and RSS traffic jumped up considerably (which makes me glad I added aggressive server-side caching last month). Still, nothing like a couple hundred IPs pulling a full RSS feed for a bit of fun...