Nearly Back

All the photos related to my brief stint in Algarve have been uploaded already, and after receiving half a dozen loadaverage alerts I've started graphing RAM usage for Davi's new patch (which seems to use less RAM on average but have unusual peaks, probably due to 's hare-brained garbage collector). I'll leave it running for a couple of days or so - in the meantime, the enhancements are worth it.

Which reminds me that I have a whole bunch of things to help finish (and test) in , not the least of which is updating the documentation. But in the meanwhile, I've cleaned up my dinky little Web front-end to it (by removing all XSLT requirements and KISSing it a bit) and uploaded the results to CVS under the contrib directory (look for it when public CVS resyncs in a couple of hours or so).

Update: Ricardo has also been tweaking . Besides merging in Davi's code, he's added authentication (based on this) and tested it against Gmail's Atom feed - always a nice trick to have up your sleeve.