Nearly Vacationless

Spent some time updating the docs, testing the MIME formatting, doing a couple of Anaglyphs (expect some new, extra-funky soon), doing yet another failed install (this time the laptop ran out of battery), etc.

Essentially, mucking around and relaxing. Tomorrow I'll be back at the office, so I'm trying to cram in as much as possible. For instance, I downloaded and installed the version of and spent a while fiddling with it - it shows a lot of potential, but like anything that uses Tomcat, it takes forever to startup and (even on my 20" G4 with 768MB RAM) feels somewhat sluggish.

I guess I'll have to install the JRE on my aging dual Pentium III and see if it's anything near my regular definition of fast. Still, I've been wondering about mobile Flash support again. Or, to follow what is fast becoming the official party line, what I could do with if it could render SVG content to phones. Hmmm. I'd better try and reach Russ.

Back later.