Slow Pace

Too much sun is getting to me, I guess. Fortunately, it rained today and I was able to peruse a few links. Kudos to James Walker for AutoPairs - with this and HumaneText.service, I see less and less reason to even try using TextMate. Now all I need is to set up a lobby to get the SubEthaEdit guys to support folding.

  • This AnandTech story is getting heavily Slashdotted right now, but it might be just the thing to send around to near-Switchers that need a teensy weensy push to take the plunge.
  • The BenQ P30, the newest Pocket PC phone on the block.
  • More hints that iChat will be incorporating SIP support (and not just Jabber).
  • Using iTunes as a podcast aggregator by generating a playlist via XSLT. Worth reading for that last bit alone, even if you're skeptical about podcasting.
  • Looks like the T5 was a rush job. No audio recorder, same casing as the E, and now... no vibrating alarm, either.
  • European Push-To-Talk seems to have been put on hold. More like a holding pattern, if you ask me...
  • Hire Gruber. And while we're at it, invest in Russell. I have no idea what he's up to, but it's bound to be much, much better than most of the ideas I see flying around...