Odds and Ends

Stuff I came across while trawling my RSS feeds:

  • . Think Flash Generator, but Open Source. Think Cocoon with a Flash renderer. Think dynamic UIs. Since it's , think "humungous hardware" too, but the samples seemed snappy enough. I expect this to herald a new age of Flash-based sites that don't suck (but I might be getting too optimistic here).
  • The Zoomquilt. Mesmerizing.
  • Innovation and Operators. Well-meaning, but so outside the fold that folk like me (i.e., telco people) do a double-take. It's not going to happen - at least not that way, unless there are some fundamental shifts in the current value chain.
  • Skype gets down to business. Now this is interesting...
  • Editing nib files to make applications paste as plain text. Real neat hint.
  • The Cybook eBook Reader (via Engadget). Forget e-books. Ignore the price momentarily. If it isn't vaporware, could it be the ? Oh great. No calendaring, low connectivity - chalk up another lost opportunity...
  • There are new versions of OpenOffice (link) and GnuPlot out. Guess which one is the best Aqua port...
  • I've added Lots of T5 reviews to its Wiki Node. I'll probably never buy one for myself. Why? Because it's plastic - big design mistake, in my opinion. No matter how "durable" it is, it will never live up to my Palm V's durability.