Intensive Resting

After spending the whole Summer playing intensive bouts of pass-the-specification and email-volley on what might well be one of the biggest projects I've ever found myself involved in (plus a couple of really tough nuts to crack on other activities), I finally managed to get some vacation time here.

Obviously, I brought a laptop. Plus a four-meter-long Ethernet cable, which turned out to be the right thing to bring (you gotta love having wired broadband on a hotel room). I would probably kill for an like Melo's if I hadn't brought the cable...

(The geek among you will like to know that the hotel uses the IP3Networks Hospitality solution, although it smacked of Cisco's BBSM at first.)

Now, vacation for me is always about rest. Occasional travel, a lot of sightseeing (expect quite a few photos from my DSC-F707), but essentially chilling out, catching up on my reading and (eventually) doing some recreational coding on my laptop.

So, to that effect, I brought along my (crammed to the brim with audio books for lying about in the beach), my trusty old (as backup in case I need to access the corporate LAN) and a stack of books. I had originally intended to bring my ancient Toshiba 8100 with installed (I'm always up for trying new things), but I gave up on getting it to work and dumped my iBook in the suitcase instead.

A couple of incantations is all it takes for me to upload photos and get at my e-mail (although I've had to resort to Thunderbird for e-mail, since , in a characteristic bout of inconistency - i.e., rare but breathtakingly stupid - does not use the systemwide SOCKS settings), so this promises to be a good week to take pictures and get in touch with some people again.

And now, off to dinner.