Dowsing - Even Better than

The best thing I found all day was Dowser (courtesy of Melo), an extremely neat "research assistant" that helps you keep track of web searches and figures out associations on its own. The Mac version is a little flaky at the moment (the Windows version ran wonderfully at the office, but I had to go into the app bundle and invoke it by hand in my Mac) - it's so good I'm definetly going to have a go at integrating it in some way with this Wiki, as soon as some of the base Python wierdness is cancelled out (it only accepts connections from localhost, has no notion of authentication, etc.).

A must-try. I've already grafted mine into Quicksilver, of course, and added an experimental search plugin to my Mozilla Search Plugins page. ;)

Phones Galore

Finally, the V800 is official - as are a bunch of other 3G phones that will be coming out by Xmas. Expect oodles of pictures, previews and reviews all over the Net as these start popping up.

Site Tweaks

I'm rearranging some of the Wiki nodes, so some RSS funkiness is sure to ensue. Please bear with me, especially since I'm upgrading Perl to 5.8.x on another machine in order to install the bleeding-edge SpamAssassin 3.0.0, which is the equivalent of doing a quadruple coronary bypass while dancing the heebie-jeebies and baking an apple pie.

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