Hey, You With the RSS Reader!

On a lark, I greped my server logs for accesses to the Wiki RSS feed, dumped them into Excel and did a little filtering to see what sort of visitors I have. I really should write a script to do this properly, but I like to have a feel for the data I work with.

I tallied 14538 requests from sep 19th 02:00 to Sep 21st, 23:01 (roughly 24h), of which only 770 were for the "no images" feed (I deal with photo log accesses separately, so hits on that and the CVS RSS feeds don't show up here).


  • A few (notably Bloglines) tried to circumvent the built-in 15-post cap on my feed and tried to pull a 30-day feed (can't blame them, but it's useless).
  • Windows and .NET RSS readers are the most ill-behaved of the bunch, since some appear not to support gzip encoding at all (I get adjoining requests of over 90KB from Windows readers and 20KB from Mac readers). Flaws in script-based readers I can put up with, but this sort of behaviour from shareware?
  • There are a lot of people using NewsFire. Considering it also polls feeds at 30 minute intervals, I'm tempted to say that it has already surpassed NetNewsWire (figures below). Nevertheless, NetNewsWire users seem to be extremely loyal (I spotted at least a 1.0.2 version in there)
  • newspipe seems to be rather popular, especially when compared to other "niche" readers. Rock on.
  • Someone is using the Coralized RSS feed. Thanks :)
  • I can't, for the life of me, figure out the percentage of Linux-based readers I have. I'm betting they will use mostly Mozilla-based stuff and the script-based readers, but I was hoping for a bit more uniformity.
  • I also can't put my finger on the percentage of those reading this through Bloglines and other Web-based services (there are a lot of them, though, judging from the image referral logs).

The Numbers:

Here's a little breakdown (there are over 100 different User-Agent strings, so I only picked out the ones I'm familiar with - there are several dozen missing):

Mozilla (NewsMonster):  69
Thunderbird/0.8:       110
Firefox/0.10:          140
Mozilla (Sage):         89

Shrook:        363
PulpFiction:   504
-NetNewsWire: 4748, broken down into:
 +- 2.0        869  (no Lite)
 +- 1.0.9      772  ( 389 Pro, 383 Lite)
 +- 1.0.8     2775  (1439 Pro,1336 Lite)
 +- 1.0.7       75  (  43 Pro,  32 Lite)
-NewsFire: 4981, broken down into:
  +- 0.21: 2459
  +- 0.22: 2522

NewsGator:   169
FeedDemon:    99
RssBandit:   315
SharpReader: 257

newspipe:       295
FeedOnFeeds:    175
Jakarta Commons: 68
nntp//rss:       67
NewsIsFree:      64
Python-urllib:   62
Java/1.4.1:      35
CoralWebPrx:     28
MagpieRSS:       20
Straw:           15
Pluck:           12