Return Of The Links

  • KDE 3.3 is out. I've just realized it's been a year or so and I've yet to see something useful come out of Qt/Mac or RangerRick's efforts - no new ports, no cross-platform apps, nothing.
  • Something I really should go out and grab is Cocoa#, the Mono C#/Cocoa bindings (of course, I haven't fully grokked PyObjC yet, so I have my hands full).
  • How remembers Audio CDs. Hmmm. Interesting. Dumb, but interesting.
  • The still slithers. Since SP2 seems to be shipping an updated version of still sporting plugin support,  must be feeling confident...
  • An interesting text about the Sidekick - I keep thinking of it as a consumer , and wondering when it will stop being a T-Mobile exclusive.
  • Somehow, I let pass the absurdly hideous HP Pocket PC/iPAQ rw6100, which looks like a toilet seat. And not just once, but twice. I think it was my subconscious averting my eyes.
  • I've also missed out on a lot of photography stuff, like this review of the Pentax/Optio/S50, the 750Z and the Canon/EOS 20D, which looks like something I might aspire to buying some day.
  • The neatest thing I've seen in VR in years: The CirculaFloor. I wonder when it will be fast enough to be installed in the Cave Q3A - and what they would do in lieu of jump pads... (by the way, rumor has it that "Cave Doom 3" will either be a completely black room, deemed "cruel and unusual punishment", or both).

And our moment of Zen returns with Pixelito - Giant Helicopter-Eating Hamsters.