Click-By Links

  • Seems like Linksys might yet make a thriving business out of having its appliances hacked. This time it's their neat storage appliance, and I definetly want one - with careful reassembly, it can run all my current MRTG and RRDTool stuff plus a number of small housekeeping scripts besides hooking up my storage to the net - if you seen one in Portugal, give me a shout (unless, of course, the $75 retail price hasn't caught up with it en route).
  • Erik and Russ go nuts over Nokia/Lifeblog, the 7610 and... Play-Doh. LifeBlogger looks really neat, but it's Windows-only.
  • The Gish demo is out. Give it a squish and see if it tickles your fancy.
  • Gruber's take on the new Email:: hierarchy of Perl modules. I agree that the current Mail:: modules aren't up to scratch, and will be keeping an eye on these newfangled E things when I need to ride the camel again.

We're Doomed

Oh, and I finally saw Doom 3 today. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about how old and slow their PCs are, and how they really should think about upgrading so that they could surf the Net faster, and... well, you get my drift.

My take? Well, since the only reason I played Quake (World, II and Arena) was the multiplayer component, I wasn't at all impressed by the gameplay. The graphics (despite pretty damn slow on a year-old machine) were pretty damn scary, though - now I know why whoever recorded the demo movie was constantly retreating from monsters.

Still, it's as good a reason to buy a G5 as any other I have right now (and it looks like I'll have a while to wait yet for a Mac version too, so I'm definetly out of the loop for six months or so). And, of course, we'll see if I can ever find enough spare time to start playing anything again.

Update: According to Carmack himself, Quake II should be open-sourced soon. Whether this will breathe new life into things like QuakeForge remains to be seen, but I guess most peope will be clamoring for the Q3 engine to be out (which it probably will in a couple of years, when the licensing fees shift to the new Doom engine - id gets a sizable revenue from licensing the game engines).

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