Geek Toast

Met with some old friends today and spent an hour or so chatting about the relative merits of Perl as an eternal language, the 2.6 kernel and the amazing cluelessness of the "normal" non- engineers (and marketeers) who just don't grok the Internet. Oddly enough, we're all now - although the kind of Switchers with a penchant for installing Gentoo Mac OS and complaining about 's tendency to rely on CTD (Configuration To Death) as a form of maintenance.

Which was a nice prelude to an afternoon spent inside trying to draft a business case with too many variables - macros drove me up the wall to the extent I actually went out and got ActivePython with a mind to use it to drive . Fortunately, common sense prevailed - it was easier to do it by hand (although I just know people will want to know why I didn't use ActivePerl instead).

Left pretty damn late, brought my with me (the first time I brought home a work laptop in six months), left it installing 10.3 inside PearPC. Should only take another three hours or so, and the tech support folk will love it for taking screenshots of dialog boxes. On a whim, I called it Alien.

Read the news with some incredulity, noticing that Japan is looking at taxing Wi-Fi (oh boy), that Melo is publishing some neat stuff, that Davi is tracking the SVG spat (I personally think Antoine is way off line, and that he shouldn't behave like that in public, but hey, that's me) and that has a new roadmap.

As to hardware, the gadget of the day has to be the Sony DSC-P150, which ups the ante to 7Mpixels. Of course, nobody has a cheap way to print 300-dpi 8"x10"s, so it's mostly a tactical move.

The McGyverism of the day (a bottle cap tripod) is nice, and this is just plain nuts (expect a lot of copycats soon), but the Zen moment of the day has got to be The Linspire Song (via K).