Tuesday Syndrome

Again, I scored the dubious honour of crashing a test "phone" into a state of blistering stupor (and so far removing the battery doesn't help). It's like the Midas touch in reverse - we'll see if a night without battery sorts it out.

Withrawal symptoms related to the end of my management course include, at this point:

  • Using to draft mini-business cases of network equipment expansion instead of doing the right thing and counting STM-1 interfaces.
  • ing the hell out of any conversation lasting more than 15 minutes.
  • Looking for a balance sheet inside vendor proposals.
  • Being totally immune to the number of zeros on any monetary value.

Yeah, I miss the people too. Would have started by mentioning that if it wasn't so damn obvious. On with the news, then:

Our moment of Zen, is, for a change, real gadget Zen. Simple. Neat. Effective. No mention of support, though.