Speed Bumps

Now that the Euro is finally over and done with, the country is slowly getting back to normal. I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination - I thought it vastly more important that we hosted the Cup (always a big boost to our economy and foreign relations), and that everything ran smoothly. One could even say we lost the final match, sure, but won the Euro itself.

Still, it doesn't change the fact that Monday is an unsettling day (even considering a rather quiet morning and a nice outdoor lunch, with all sorts of things popping up on the radar - and quite a few of them are tagged "INTERCEPT" or "COLLISION COURSE".

Anyway, Mono and KDE fans might want to check out Benjamin Reed's efforts - we're getting quite a few neat toys via Fink...

Nothing of real interest in the news - just the usual amount of futurism, wierdness, extreme wierdness and ugly phones.

There was, however, one neat thing in the news today, and it rightfully deserves to be our Moment of Zen - this amazingly obvious concept that should have appeared eons ago:

Now that deserves a design award.