The Day After

After yet another Japanese dinner (smoothly timed to match the end of the Euro quarter finals and the ensuing madness in the streets), we've come to the end of the second quarter. For me, that means a new set of full backups, and while preparing for them I drew up some interesting stats:

  • Personal Mail: 19MB this quarter alone, not considering mailing-list traffic
  • Work Mail: 360MB since April 1st (with a lot of redundancy removed)
  • Total Mail Store Size: 3.7GB (everything, including lists)
  • Photo Archive: 210 new photos this quarter (approx. 196MB added to a total 3.8GB)
  • Published Photos: 120 this quarter (a total of 1119 currently online)

Gmail is definetly not enough for me.

Playing Catch-up

In the world, there were a few interesting tidbits:

There are plenty other news, but an excellent (if somewhat exausting) tour of TAP Maintenance and Engineering has left me with little stamina to wade through my RSS feeds. I will never forgive myself for not having taken any of my cameras, though.