Besides the WWDC furore about , there wasn't much real news. Of course there are a few interesting tidbits like organizations recommending alternative browsers, the not being obsoleted this month and the Sony/LIBRIe being a piece of DRM-ridden junk. Sony, in particular, seems to be taking a bashing for sticking to its own proprietary formats and (most importantly) not looking outside Japan for ideas (i.e., they try to sell to the world what they think the Japanese customer likes, and it's started backfiring on them).

I also had quite a bit of fun with Russell's Qualcomm piece - it's true they are making a lot of chipsets, but I wouldn't rely on them being the main manufacturer next year - in an expanding market, it's just a matter of time before competition catches up with them.

While we're on the performance topic, the is a definite success story. Three years ago they found a niche, and now it's all the rage. And despite the very public death of corporate , it's an integral part of one of the few interesting IM solutions out there.

As a last serious note, take a look at Vodafone Inside:Out, which just got off the ground - a nice way to show the world that there are real people making the company tick. If you want to help me make it to the top, vote for my "Inside Out" picture in the Top 10 - one vote per person, please.

I was hard pressed for selecting a single moment of Zen today, so here are the three strangest things I came across: