Gliding Through

The best thing about football as far as I'm concerned is that it gets everyone off the streets. It was sheer bliss being in Lisbon this afternoon.

That said, I've been playing with my DSC-T1 (my entire gadget allotment for this year, gone just like that), and it's turning out to be quite a surprising little machine for macro photography. The only irritating thing about it so far is the relatively unprotected LCD (and the utter lack of decent carrying cases, but that can be worked around easily), but the exposure range is a welcome surprise and the multi-auto-focus function works like something out of a military targeting system. Real cool, and I'll be experimenting heavily with it during the next few weeks (expect a lot more macro shots).

And while on the subject of photography, a few clicks around led me to Daily Photography, which left me suitably humbled - From now on, I'll promptly refer anyone who says I take "nice" pictures to Kendall's site so that they can see really good photography. Sadly, my Feed On Feeds setup croaks on its RSS, but I think I can fix that at my end.