RSS Trawling

  • I must confess that I couldn't care less about football, but Ricardo Pereira pointed me towards Goalwatcher - it'll supposedly keep you up-to-date with the Euro 2004 results.
  • Russell discovers the SonyEricsson/K700. I told you it was good... But he either missed the Bluetooth HID controller function (a must-have for presentations) or didn't install the .hid files. Me, I'm holding out for the one with a Memory Stick slot.
  • And by the way, here are my long-lost notes on SonyEricsson/Theme Files and SonyEricsson/HID Profiles, which I resurrected from my March archive to show the way to more entreprising bit-twiddlers.
  • But getting back to Russell, he led me to TALKS, a great Symbian application for visually impaired users - spread the word, this is genuinely useful stuff.
  • John Gruber makes yet another point where it regards Mac security. Like the Witty worm proved, small (homogenous) populations can be easily targeted, and the Mac can easily be singled out by a targetet exploit.
  • Nokia is set to unveil new phones, but nobody expects any real news. I wonder.