The Day After

I never fully appreciated the Russian tradition of diving into frozen lakes until I tried to shower this morning.

That said, here are the news:

  • Novell open-sourced the Evolution connector for . This is big, because it means  is no longer your only option - until changes the interface, which is bound to be tricky.
  • 2004 for the is currently shipping. I'm going to bide my time - so far, the previous edition does all I need.
  • E3 has started, and I honestly can't be bothered to cover console news anymore. Go and scour Gizmodo and Engadget for them. I am worried about Doom III hitting the shelves this summer, though - every time Carmack finishes a game, all my hardware becomes instantly obsolete.
  • More on Japanese phones: optical zoom, again, the karaoke phone and Premini
  • Nokia left the WiMax forum. I guess they finally figured out they were losing out on UMTS - and losing market share must have been a serious wake-up call...
  • A better approach at my concept. Dumb of them not to include Bluetooth, though... But that's me.

And now, our moment of Zen: GUI design at its best.