The Monday Thing

Oddly enough, this was turning out to be a great Monday. I got some serious work done, had a great lunch, a very entertaining Services Marketing class by an INSEAD visiting professor and (last but not least) an interesting discussion afterwards.

It was obvious that the Universe had to even things out somehow, and therefore I now appear not to have hot water.

Ah well. On with the news, such as it is:

  • PearPC is, of course, all over the place. After all, everyone would love to run a Mac OS X emulator on their PC.
  • Another thing that seemed to hit every single geek news site on the planet was Sony's attempt at doing their own iPod. Come on, it was only a matter of time - but the "track matrix" controller looks really interesting.
  • So Jamming Mobile Phones is one way to stop mobile phone detonated bombs. Sure, I'll grant the point. But (disregarding the inconvenience caused) is it really effective, considering that even before radio was invented there have been plenty other options?
  • DoCoMo offers all-you-can-eat 3G. Having seen the way dial-up ISPs turned from a value-added service to a real commodity, I wonder how long until we are all forced to converge on the "bit pipe" business model for data... Still, it looks like Vodafone K.K. is getting the first phones with optical zoom. I gotta pay them a visit some day.
  • Microsoft is apparently giving away Visual Basic .NET. Small wonder, considering it's the best way to shore up developer support these days...
  • The 802.16/WiMax crowd is rolling out the meaningless studies (PDF). I like charts as much as the next guy, but could we have realistic figures, please? It's not as if there's enough money to sink into these wondrous new infra-structures...
  • And finally, the latest entrant to my personal Perfect PDA contest. It looks pretty good, and the only thing that disqualifies it is that they use Windows as the OS (as opposed to Windows CE). The price is pretty steep, too - more expensive than an iBook.

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