Symbian Overload

Besides the Nokia/9500 (which was apparently announced just after admitting to the N-Gage's lack of success), there are plenty other Symbian-related news today at the 3GSM World Congress: Version 8.0, LG's licensing deal, a joint push between Nokia and Motorola for services on the Series 60 platform, and of course (for the SonyEricsson fans out there) the new UIQ 3.

And speaking of UIQ, there is now an OPL port for it, which might make the  quite a bit more useful. The is also about to get services, which goes to show that RIM isn't sleeping on the job (in fact, as I type this, I spotted this piece of news regarding its debut in France).

More Mobile Moves

Well, Orange have made a lot of noise concerning the upcoming availability of their services (the operative word being upcoming, of course), and SonyEricsson is confirmed to have signed up Sonim for Push-To-Talk and Sony Music for ... ringtones. Wow - how original.

The most interesting piece of news on the mobile front, though, was this article on Mobitopia regarding Siemens Mobile Phone Modding (yeah, modding, as in hacking the firmware). Now that's interesting - and risky, considering the potential for fiddling with the inner workings of GSM...

KDE 3.2 Overview

Over at ArsTechnica. I've pretty much given up on KDE on (it mostly gets in the way, and the theming is completely over the top), but I can understand its popularity.