Notes on Random Exaustion

Most people won't actually have noticed, but post length here decreased 30% relative to last year (characters per post, discounting images) and the text-to-link ratio increased roughly 400%.

Which essentially means that I'm writing shorter posts (on average, discounting rants) and linking a lot more, mainly due to the continuing decline of my free time (which my management post-grad has roughly cut in half). Coding has virtually stopped (save for the traditional late night hacks pursuing the odd exotic issue), and keeping up with the news is a task in itself (that's why things like this latest Gartner report on Wi-Fi are being passed by - I just don't have the stamina to type up a full comment).

The News, Or What Passes As Such

Series 60 users and developers will like, a new site devoted to the Symbian-based platform. This is too obviously important to need a comment, so I'll pass.

Other stuff that deserves some kind of follow-up is the XFree86 4.4 licensing spat (if only to say X has had too many hiccups already these past few months and something will have to give) and Motorola's A768 Linux smartphone, which follows up on last year's A760, widely considered "not quite there yet" or "completely unusable" depending on which side of the industry you talked to.

The Motorola/A925 looks pretty decent, though (despite the size). Of course, it will look much better when it's actually out...

But the big Motorola story this week is likely to be the Motorola/MPx (via BargainPDA):

Another Pocket SSH

Via MobileWhack:

Quote Of The Day

William Gibson: "I don't find that being really up on all the latest technology ever does me any good." - you bet. Bleeding edge technology got that name for a reason, and people just want stuff that works for them.