First Eolas, Now Nomadix

It's amazing how the U.S. Patent Office lets minuscule companies hold entire industries at ransom. Everyone and their dog in the Wi-Fi business know about the idiotic Nomadix patent already - and a lot of people have been taking it apart and finding prior art, but I'll just restate the obvious - ditch browser logins and go to 802.1X as soon as possible, since the patent is expressed in such vague terms that Nomadix can try to claim rights on just about anything, including aloe vera shampoo. It should have been thrown out (since it's not really a concept, but a consequence of current technology state-of-the-art), but it will take a while to get it repealed.

Besides, the only reason 802.1X isn't in common use already is lack of vendor interest (since nobody wants to sell interchangeable gear conforming to a really open standard) and interoperability (vendors have been dragging their feet and making proprietary extensions to lock-in customers), so this patent might just be the right incentive.

Of course, it's entirely possible some vendors will just walk up to you and say they have a licensed solution (on which they offer a significant discount to make your boss at ease with the "legal issues"). My advice is to point out the ethical flaws in their sales pitch and direct them to the nearest exit.