Slew of Apple Updates

OK. Today we've got Mac OS X 10.3.2, QuickTime 6.5 with improved 3GPP support, iTunes 4.2 (which is largely irrelevant here, since it now supports AOL logins to the Music Store], Xcode 1.1 and a battery handling update (via Software Update).

My only gripe so far? They still don't let Address Book send "long" SMS - which is a right pain if you use accented characters (which cuts the SMS length down to 70 characters) or if you want to send decently written messages. And it's a near-trivial implementation, too.

NetNewsWire Goes Wide

After Rentzch's hack (which I successfully duplicated for, by the way), Brent Simmons has decided to make the vertical preview pane an integral feature of the new betas:

Blackberry on a Palm

Lots of news regarding PalmSource and RIM moving towards implementing Blackberry support in Palm devices (slated for the "second half of 2004". Which is really a no-brainer, since Palm handhelds number in the zillions and RIM will most likely earn more in licensing fees than in net profit from each Blackberry sale...

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