Winding Down

A quiet week looms ahead (hopefully), and save for hectic Xmas shopping (and the third installment of LOTR), not much seems to be happening these days. Oh, there are a few more MWSF rumors and a desperate revival of the "video iPod" concept, but I don't think we're quite there yet.

On the software front, there is a new beta of SideTrack out - an indispensable utility for any iBook or PowerBook user - and something Apple should definetly include in a next OS revision.

After my foray into DAAP with my latest HOWTO, I've come across a nice set of notes (and patches) to get a DAAP server running on Gentoo Linux. Sandy patched daapd to use the Howl responder to advertise itself, which is something I should be looking into. Howl is definetly easier for people to download (no registration required), and Apple's has a few configuration quirks such as forcing you to use ^A (Ctrl+A) to separate service arguments (which I patched for my own use, but I'd rather use a standard configuration format...).

And for the database tinkerers out there running mySQL on their macs, this nice hint has comprehensive setup instructions for the Fink package. Me, I prefer the official package, but it's nice to have options. In fact, it's the whole point of owning a Mac these days - you have a lot more options.

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