Hell Froze Over - Again

I was expecting thunder, lightning and at least a moderate earthquake to herald the event (maybe with a thunderous voice-over by Steve Jobs saying "Hell Froze Over Again", as a sequel to the iTunes for Windows launch), but the (still ongoing) switch of one of the main Linux advocates in our office was heralded with the relatively quiet arrival of yet another 12" PowerBook.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big hand to Bruno David.

Rendezvous on the Pocket PC

A quick note on the Pocket PC app I mentioned on Saturday: It is a restricted Rendezvous browser that will only display available Web services (_http._tcp.), and will only work on Pocket PC 2003 due to the lack of adequate multicast support on earlier versions. Nice enough for me to access my local pages, but relatively limited (for now).

The World At Large

Lots of news about Wi-Fi not necessarily growing or showing a profit, except where it relates to roaming agreements. I guess the shakedown phase hasn't really started yet, mostly due to lack of critical mass. My guess is that people probably use Wi-Fi at home and the office but don't want to pay exorbitant fees for connectivity in transit (and the train experiments aren't doing all that well, really...

And, again, we have interoperability issues. No laughing matter, either...

On the security front, The Register takes a look at the current fallacies regarding Mac OS X security (or supposed lack thereof) and takes the time to dismantle some of the newest so-called "exploits" or "faults". I never thought it would take more than simple math to compare lists of known (and fixed) faults for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X...

On the same topic, John Welch's "What happens when you don't understand the problem" article (via Daring Fireball), is not to be missed - it shows how utterly clueless William Carrel and Lance Ulanoff are, for starters.

And a technically flawless retort at that. Just goes to show that clueless critics are always caught out.

As to software, the only thing I found of note was some wishful thinking by Chad Dickerson. I too would love to have Groove running on Mac OS X - if only they hadn't gone server-centric and focused on other platforms... Groove would make a great Rendezvous app.

And finally, some Anoto news (I thought everyone had given up on Anoto pens by now): a nice pen roundup (via Gizmodo). If you ask me, the real problem is the "dotted" paper cost, which is around ten times what it should be. Someone drafted their business model looking for quick profits, I guess...

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