Cutting Corners

I finally caved in and set up feed on feeds in order to have a single point for keeping track of my RSS subscriptions. rss2mail will eventually be finished, but a Web-based aggregator I can use from anywhere and quickly hack to render things in WML or HTML for small screen formats is a bit more useful right now.

So I got the tarball, patched in the newest Magpie parser, butchered a few pieces of code, and got it running in around 5 minutes (after fixing one of my fixes to it). The code base is relatively small, and it uses JavaScript in a way that Applications/Safari doesn't like at all, but it will do - for now.

I will most likely rework the code beyond recognition (it has several things that need changing to suit my needs, and the JavaScript just has to go), but I reckon the time spent doing that will only be a fraction of the time it saves me.

The T610 Is Back... my pocket, at least for a while. I realized it was the cheapest option available as a fully Mac-compatible phone - I can use Bluetooth for SMS as in the O'Reilly article I mentioned a few weeks back, it provides a speedy GPRS connection for my 2210 anywhere I am, and iSync works flawlessly with it.

Better still, I got it to use the headphones and microphone of my XP laptop as a headset - since we don't have desk phones, this is a godsend. With the Bluetooth dongle I use, every time my T610 initates or receives a call I get a tray notification to activate audio redirection through my laptop. No caller ID, of course (just the Bluetooth audio binding), but extremely useful nonetheless.

It looks like Apple missed the boat on this one - I can't find a single mention of the Bluetooth headset profile being supported in Mac OS X in this way.

The T610's battery suffers with all this bleeding off into the electromagnetic spectrum, of course, but it lasts more than a day. The phone is still crap in terms of usability, but it does what technology is supposed to do - make my life simpler without getting too much in the way.

So You Think You Know About Security?

I admit Tog's great essay wasn't the first link I followed when I got today's Crypto-Gram (no, I, like most people, immediately clicked on the link to the "How To Find Hidden Cameras" PDF), but it was by far the most fun. Tog always had a knack to highlight the obviously stupid in a positive way, and security is a user interface issue as well.

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