The Long Weekend

I've been fighting the IE box model for an internal site I've thrown together (odd how even simple standard HTML like bulleted lists can be a nuisance under IE once you're used to proper CSS), and my feeling is that it's just the beginning. I don't code HTML for a living, but not being able to do it properly because some nitwit mis-interpreted the meaning of such a simple tag as </li> is just stupid.

To cut a long story short, take the following HTML:

  <ul id="navbar">
    <li style="border: 1px solid red">header</li>

In IE, the red border wraps around the subitem as well. In Mozilla, it works properly and wraps solely around the header (my code uses CSS selectors in a stylesheet, and that is another thing that goes terribly wrong in IE - #navbar ul li {subitem formatting} doesn't work properly either).