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And speaking of standards...

Why MSN Will Probably Keep Their New Protocol

This bit of news caught my eye. Owners of MS smartphones (including the all-singing, all-dancing but utterly blind Motorola/MPX200) can't use the built-in MSN client, since it's still using the old protocol. Better still, the upgrade is phone-specific. Neat. Another problem to solve using services to support the phones... Meet the new mobile value chain.

Nevertheless, this poses a lot of interesting issues, like how to manage those phones (both as a manufacturer, since smartphones like this will probably require quite a bit of patching, and as an operator, since any deviation from the norm usually results in higher support & operations costs).

My guess is that will propose some newfangled over-the-air update feature. Can you imagine millions of phones trying to access the future equivalent of Windows Update next time MSN changes their protocol?


I'm definetly going to stay clear of smartphones like this until the dust settles.