The PlayStation Portable Surfaces... least in terms of concept design (via The Register):

I wonder how long the batteries will last.

...and Fedora Core 1 Is Out

The first "post-RedHat" release of Fedora is out, which means all the RedHat miscreants can now flock to the nearest mirror and get their "new distro" fix.

(A lot of people have been flaming RedHat's policy the past few weeks, either due to sheer ignorance or bigotry - or even both. I bet a lot of them will be trying this out...)

Me, I'm getting reacquainted with FreeBSD for some IPv6 stuff - it's amazing how many vices you pick up from Linux over the years... Nevertheless, I'll be setting up Fedora on my laptop as soon as time permits - RPM is a far better (or at least faster and more practical) way to install stuff than the BSD ports tree, especially on slower machines.

As to the Panther... is purring along nicely. The geeks in the audience will be pleased to hear it has Perl 5.8.1 (haven't tried adding stuff from CPAN yet, though), and Python 2.3. I now have roughly 90% of my usual stuff working, and the sole missing app is Virtual PC - I just can't be bothered to find the CD and download all the patches right now.

I'll probably post a more detailed (or "geekier") set of notes later - right now my priorities are getting some rest, sorting out some documentation and planning next year's activities.

Meanwhile, here are 1, 2 notes to get DBD::mysql to work with the native Perl (via ongoing).