Panther in the Office

Took my iBook to work today - partly because I wanted to test 802.1X minimally and partly because I had to show Panther to the (slowly, but steadily) increasing number of users in the office.

So far, I've found that the account settings in does little more for me than hide some folders (minor disappointment, but I'll investigate further some other time), and that setting everything up (IMAP access, network shares and Wi-Fi) took around 5 minutes flat. took 2 minutes more.

LDAP and other niceties have been postponed in the interests of productivity ( to my box provides calendaring and tasks), but so far everything is running smoothly - and proves that you can, indeed, use a in a corporate setting (provided you know what you are doing). Preview alone was worth the change (I have a bundle of vendor PDFs to review, and it just zips through them).

(Printing one of them out was trivial, too - setting up network-based printers is a snap.)

And speaking of speed, I now have 16 applications open (and twice as many windows) and the machine couldn't care less (this is a G3 iBook 800) - Exposé remains virtually instant, response times at console windows are excellent, works with everything - except internal NTLM-authenticated sites, which is to be expected.

I'd better take my home, though. One more day of this and I'll just have to go out, buy a 15" and make it my office laptop (and that's an expense I can well do without).

Cool Bug Tracking

Although I'm partial to Mantis, FlySpray looks very nice indeed (and with adjustable notifications to boot).