Panther Update

24 hours later, it's still growing on me. Exposé works better once you stop thinking about it and just reach for the function keys, and Fast User Switching between my administrator and personal accounts is a great way to set things up safely.

(As a side note, I haven't used Command+Tab once in Panther until just now. Yep, it's still there, but Exposé is so much more intuitive.)

works (of course), but the fact that still hasn't bothered to provide a consolidated patch to 10.1.5 is just plain stupid - three updates need to be downloaded and installed to bring it up to date.

Fink is grinding away as it builds the packages I need (some of them are in the unstable branch), and restoring my files has been mostly a drag-and drop affair (including my iPhoto library and a few other doodads).

(A nice touch is that Fink now supports rsync, which should make for very quick updates.)

Not a single problem yet - but then, I haven't had time to get around to the really interesting bits - I do have to use my s to get some things done in the meantime.