jwz Does It Again

Jamie Zawinsky updated XScreenSaver to 4.14, with seven new effects and variants:

Referral Spam

Yeah, this is . It had to happen, I guess.

I've begun to see some referrer spam, most notably from dubious and unsavoury (i.e., porn) sites intent on luring curious browsers to their pages. In the same way I (a long time ago, in a website far, far away) disabled any form of commenting whatsoever (intelligent and well-meaning people are free to e-mail me with their comments), I am now taking measures to end this right away.

I have decided to disable referrer listings on all pages except the Referrers page (which has the single purpose of allowing me to do minimal tracking of who links to this site, since Technorati has been giving me totally funky and unreliable results since I changed to this domain name), and do some basic filtering (that means ignoring URL containing the usual 4-letter words and derivatives). As soon as the spam level becomes intolerable, I'll just remove the Referrers page and be done with it.

To the unmitigated idiots doing the spamming, the message is clear: You won't get a single pageview from spamming my referrer logs.

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