Firebird 0.7.1 for Mac

I've been a bit lax in following Firebird's progress - the previous versions were so good that I felt little or no need to upgrade until I hit a real snag.

Nevertheless, it looks as though 0.7 was so buggy on Mac OS X (I wouldn't know, I use Applications/Safari on my Macs) that 0.7.1 had to be launched to make it usable. An excellent bonus is that Pinstripe will become the default Mac OS X theme in 0.8 - but it's bound to need a Panther version now...

Tungsten T3 In Hand

My friend Hugo was kind enough to let me take some photos of his brand new Tungsten T3 alongside my 2210.

The thing is an engineering marvel. Takes a bit getting used to (and has a few quirks), but feels good.

Clié PEG-UX50 Review

After quite some time, Palminfocenter posted an in-depth review of the PEG-UX50. There is a lot there that was already known, but what caught my eye was the fact that Sony apparently refuses to provide the battery rating (it does not last more than 4 hours, which is not what you'd expect from a PDA, no matter what the use...).

The browser looks nice, though...

And in the Red Corner...

BargainPDA has a nice review of the 4150, including photos comparing it to the 2210 (I still prever being able to swap my 802.11b for something else, but it looks like a nice Wi-Fi PDA).

Opera slims 250KB, gets bundled with 6600

According to All About Symbian, the 6600 is shipping with Opera for free (I wonder if this is a restricted offer, since there was no mention of it on last week's Spanish debut) and is available for other Series 60 phones in a smaller 6.10 version.

It strikes me as rather silly that they claim 250KB to be "a substantial reduction" on something that would barely fit a nearly empty 7650... Oh well.

...and Nokia Does Handbags

MobileBurn has a set of images of the 7200, the new Nokia "lifestyle" phone.

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