Panther Madness

Besides MacSlash's row of topics on Panther features, upgrades, bugs, etc., MacOSXHints got filled with lots of new tricks overnight - the wierdest of which is certainly the Exposé Blob, which seems of rather dubious usefulness (and is thankfully turned off by default).

I give it around three months until the Windows crowd starts to duplicate the niftiest features (Exposé looks like a prime candidate for copycat desktop managers). I'd say the crowd would get there first, but the prime innovator is still Enlightenment, and we all know how long that is taking to come out in anything like a usable form...

The trouble with all the enthusiastic Panther coverage so far is that I've been hard pressed to find any mention of the "power user" features, like IPv6, IPSec, new and features (including exactly what means by integration), etc. There are good bits like Matt Webb's notes, but they are few and far between...

(More on blech, Quarter Life Crisis, and a few more I'll be adding...)

This is a common flaw of 99% of news coverage, since the inflow of knowlegeable Switchers from the world has yet to make their full impact on culture. As usual, I'll one of the few people who will end up testing that sort of stuff (and, given time, writing about it...)


The N-Gage Deathwatch

Steven Frank has posted his fifth installment of what he terms the N-Gage Deathwatch, with a hilarious link to the ArsTechnica forum (my favorite quote: it makes you look like you have a taco surgically grafted to your head).