The 6600 Next Door

Everyone and their dog is ranting about the launch of the Nokia  in Spain, at roughly Eur. 675 (shop link). Having handled one recently, I can say it's worth the money - you sure get a lot of phone for the price...

I'm leaning towards treating myself to one, even though I'm not sure it will survive the wear and tear my has been through in a year...

SonyEricsson Retaliates

With the (site - another variant, big deal...) and the (site, pictures at Esato - not really that impressive), unveiled today.

So You want a 640x480 ?

OK. Check out the e800, then:

(I can't be bothered to include the photos here right now, since the site requires a lame cookie to download them and I'm not into fiddling with my image caching code for one-offs...)