Reflections on Writing

OK. Following my current reassignment to a different part of the company (which is going pretty well, considering I'm now spending a lot of time with an entirely new team and quite a few other people that I met by accident and getting along fabulously with all of them), this site is likely to change a bit in the coming months.

I must say I'm feeling tempted to take up writing in Portuguese again, preferably in a more or less regular fashion in some sort of press - I've had a couple of probes from a few acquaintances that remember the old days and my (sometimes) witty criticism of just about anything that I set my sights on, and since I can hold my own against any tech commentator or pundit you care to name, having some sort of a regular column with my name on it looks like a good idea for both myself and whoever cares to publish it.

Not only that, I feel the weather changing again (I'm extremely prolific during Winter months) and the need to change the topic a bit and write about someting other than technology (I used to write short stories and MEC-like chronicles that enjoyed moderate success).

Collecting useful information and news on things I'm interested in is excellent fun (and is so damn useful I can't think why I didn't start doing this sooner), but I'm now back at a desk writing technical memos, specifications and reports, and I just know I'll tend to leave exquisitely carved nuggets like it is therefore this reviewer's opinion that the specification described in (silly document) is bereft of critical functionality like (silly marketing idea) which, as previously stated by (silly marketeer) is deemed to be critical for meeting the established market penetration goals during Phase I of the product cycle in the office, which is where they belong.

(Yes, I'm one of the people who actually write this sort of thing. It's like academia all over again, but in a corporate setting - the only differences are that Professors are now Project Managers and they use X-Acto knives instead of Occam's Razor.)

Which means I'll definetly need some sort of outlet that allows me to relax a bit and indulge in what is supposed to be my native language (especially since I keep catching myself thinking in English and doing literal translations and using turns of phrase that border on the hilarious).

Nevertheless, I'm sure to keep updating this regularly with my adventures and an entire menagerie of new hardware. Watch this space.