Tungsten T3 SD Woes

Via InfoSync, news that the Tungsten T3 doesn't like SanDisk cards (talk about bleeding edge...)

N-Gage Day

MobileBurn has another N-Gage review, and, of course, complains about the game cartrige slot:

More Pictures

Anyway, Gizmodo has a great (updated) review roundup. Most people's reaction so far seems to be along the lines of "It's great! It's grea... Hmm. Hold on a minute..."

Treo 600 Preview

A Short Piece over at TreoCentral, hopefully there will be more details soon. A 160x160 display is reasonable if you look at it as a phone, too small if you look at it as a PDA.

Boingo infiltrates Linksys

Via Wi-Fi Net News, here's a screenshot of the "Hotspot Provider" settings on Linksys' WRV54G:

Look for more vendor/service provider tie-ins to appear over the next few months...

More on the Eolas Suit

Techdirt has more information on the changes is making to IE, but little else seems to have surfaced so far. What Do I Know does have this nice post, but it merely expands on the idiotic JavaScript trickery I had mentioned

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