Tungsten T3 SD Woes

Via InfoSync, news that the Tungsten T3 doesn't like SanDisk cards (talk about bleeding edge...)

N-Gage Day

MobileBurn has another N-Gage review, and, of course, complains about the game cartrige slot:

More Pictures

Anyway, Gizmodo has a great (updated) review roundup. Most people's reaction so far seems to be along the lines of "It's great! It's grea... Hmm. Hold on a minute..."

Treo 600 Preview

A Short Piece over at TreoCentral, hopefully there will be more details soon. A 160x160 display is reasonable if you look at it as a phone, too small if you look at it as a PDA.

Boingo infiltrates Linksys

Via Wi-Fi Net News, here's a screenshot of the "Hotspot Provider" settings on Linksys' WRV54G:

Look for more vendor/service provider tie-ins to appear over the next few months...

More on the Eolas Suit

Techdirt has more information on the changes is making to , but little else seems to have surfaced so far. What Do I Know does have this nice post, but it merely expands on the idiotic JavaScript trickery I had mentioned

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