New 15" PowerBooks, Mice, Keyboards

(who says England has moved to the metric system?)

Via Apple UK and Ireland, it looks like we finally have a decent compromise between the 17" dining table and the 12" skillet (just big enough to feel roomy, and with proper ventilation to boot).

Nice to see a couple of "oooh" features like the keyboard backlight are included.

As to the Bluetooth mice and keyboards, they look nice, but:

  • I like the mini hub on current keyboards (it is the easiest way to plug in disks, cameras, etc.)
  • The mouse still has just the one button (actually, it has no visible buttons like the older models, but using with a single-button mouse is like rowing with a single oar)

In The News

Via Gizmodo, a short review roundup (it is best described as a preview roundup, since most people are stating they'll publish more details later):

Reading about the device is fun, until you come across stuff like my and realize European customers (especially Portuguese) will pay through the nose for the privilege to own one of these...

More Palm Goodies

InfoSync and MacNN have news of more Palm peripherals, namely an IrDA keyboard (go figure), a few funky pens, and a 1.3Mpixel SDIO camera (USD 99).

BargainPDA has photos of most of these, including the ultra-frilly laser/flashlight stylus (how geek can you get?). Press release and image kit here

I, for one, would have preferred an SDIO Wi-Fi card. The rest look like needless frills.

The 6850 Surfaces

A hideous phone design made even uglier, over at MobileBurn.

Yet Another iPAQ: the H4350

If the support horror tales like the one over at Flash: The Future haven't put you off buying an iPAQ, take a look at BargainPDA's preview of the upcoming H4350.

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