Keyboards are Back in Style

America's Army

Disregarding for the moment the motivations behind the actual game, it's interesting to note that America's Army is not available for the Mac. I sure hope that the Unreal engine works properly on "consumer" Macs this time around...

Microsoft has got to be doing something right... least to the point where I actually got an evaluation version of CrossOver Office running on my RedHat 9 laptop and, after getting IE 6 to run, I got Office XP to install on it too.

However, Outlook refuses to work properly - the MAPI support is not yet complete, so I'm rolling back to VMware as a time-honored way to have Office running on this ancient Toshiba. Of course, It runs perfectly well on my Macs under Virtual PC, but I won't bother PPC CPUs with the ultra-dull task of compacting my personal folders file - plus, I have to have a "disposable" Intel laptop to take on vacation.

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