Coding Updates

I've been far too busy to pick up where I left off on PowerPoint Remote, and, of course, the . was tested with and a few more notes added, but little else in the meantime.

I'm now jumping through hoops to set up a whole new set of systems while drafting legal terms for service contracts - sometimes I feel that engineering is not an occupation in itself, but rather a set of normal professions (technician, lawyer, salesman, accountant) put through a blender.

Set to "Tornado", of course.

New Clié in the works?

Via Gizmodo and around half the "PDA geek" weblogs in the planet, comes the news that Sony will be launching a new PDA (apparently Palm-based, but not confirmed yet) this Friday. Rather than follow the bulky Star Trek design of the PEG-NX70V or the PEG-NZ90, the new gadget seems to be much smaller. It is also touted to be "wireless" (, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, that's anybody's guess).

Having recently lost my Palm m505 with little grief (my is a more than adequate replacement and it is an excellent phone) and being in the process of testing a bulky, flaky H5450 (which feels heavier than my and utterly impractical to use in real life) I feel that PDAs definetly need to be even smaller and smarter, especially when it comes to wireless configuration (any flavour).

The Ugly Truth

The H5450, for one, upholds the tradition of being insanely difficult (not to mention fiddly and unstable) to configure for any type of connection - I'm definetly not hanging on to it, but it does make for an excellent (if hideously expensive) flashlight if you happen to drop your keys.