RedHat 9 Goodness

If you're looking for just about any sort of security-related (VPN, IDS and other) packages for 9, Spenneberg has most of the more useful (and recent) ones available in RPM and SRPM format for 9.

Update: the file repository can be accessed directly here, which saves a lot of trouble with lynx.


Having spent more than a few years managing, tweaking and developing for MAPI systems like , I have a natural tendency to keep an eye out for alternatives like OpenGroupware:

The key aspect (for me at least) is that they apparently aim to provide first-class support of clients right alongside the others, which lends a lot of credibility to their effort. Of course, using (not Outlook Express, which is an entirely different beast) against IMAP servers is fiddly to say the least, and there are all those neat message tracking options to deal with...

But this time, I think they're on to something. I've seen a lot of groupware stuff (I used to evaluate products for Eurescom), and most "replacements" failed primarily due to the fact that nobody had a client as slick as (Lotus Notes was vastly superior to , sure, but look at the crappy interface they keep flogging on users...)